Project 3 - Perusing my Personal Poetical Alphabetical

For this assignment, we were asked to personally take pictures of images that looked like letters of the alphabet. After positioning them together we were told to be creative with how we present these pictures. I chose poetry, so here are some hakus and two line schemed examples, enjoy!



Ascending the heights

Alienating color

Azure skies remain 




Barelling tides role in on que like the change from night to day. Born on wisps of magnetic rule and the moons lunar rays.  

Culturally sound

Cascading effortlessly

Chiming resonance



Devious shadows dance abound projecting Rorschachs glee. Distracted thoughts unknowingly found the mind's silent plee.     



Energy Excels

Erupting in harmony

Everyone here feels



Fleeting glimpses when earth meets sky we wonder from where we come. Fantasy meets fiction  not asking why, or where we acquired the numbers needed for this sum. 



Gently drifting now

Gyrating blades spin slowly Gears turn evermore



Hallowed halls stand firm and erect defensible even now. Heroic deeds of those who earned respect, demand one final bow . 



Ideally you say

Instincts won from sand and sun

It’s the only way



Junctions provide a wayward traveler a choice of here of there. Jaunting merrily either or, you’ll never be worse for wear 

Kiss me in public

Kept me in angular love

Knelt before your heart

Lotus covered shadowy bamboo, raking the shallow sands. Leering reflections often taboo, nirvana is close at hand.

Massive halls echo

Magnificent energy

Marvel at the love

Narrow halls and wind-swept roads define the steps we have taken. Never knowing the ripples that unfold, or the many paths we have leave profoundly shaken.

Oscillating shapes

Owning your own energy

Omit the bad stuff

Peculiar bends, dips and turns, we slip we slide we fall. Pivoting through we grow we learn, we live, we stand tall.

Quiet in the roots Quintessentially reaching Questing for the sun

Reliability in a strong foundation, a firm leg to stand on for support. Requirements needed for a nation, being judged form one orange man’s retorts

Surreptitious coast

Secretive shapes left in sand Satisfying boast

Towering titans lend credence and clout, aspiring to the Olympian days gone by. Tempting the gods who are still about, with modern mountains built in the sky

Ubiquitous faith
Undulating often
Uncertainty rules


Vacant recollections of a surface left unmarred, a life left untruly lived.
Vacuous thoughts captured and jarred, branded, and focused group, now yours to give.  



Waving in the wind
Wondering how it can blow
Wilting slowly now


Xyloid printed sunlit rays, shadow and wood intertwine effortlessly so.
Xeroxing feelings most days, the dust motes float without command, high and low.



Yonder lies cracked earth

You are but a breath in time

Youth fades, time moves on


Zealots forced rule tells you to stay inside the lines a form of persuasion.
Zigzagging, meandering, dot to dot, rebellion is strictly not tolerated in todays equation.  

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